Bluefaced Leicester

Bluefaced Leicesters (BFL) were the first sheep that we added to our flock when fibre became a focus for us. We had looked at many breeds, but BFLs, with their long, springy locks and soft wool caught our attention. BFLs are beautiful animals with long erect ears, clean necks and bellies and a regal carriage of their heads.

The fibre produced by the BFLs has a lustre that takes dye well and produces a lovely finished yarn. We primarily use our BFL fibre to produce an all-natural sock yarn. The wool is soft enough to be comfortable next to your skin while the long staple length adds durability to the yarn.

We value their fibre, their beauty, their motherliness and have not only increased our number of BFLs, but have also added BFL lines into much of our flock.

For more information on the breed check out the Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America at: