When our oldest son was turning 8 all he wanted for his birthday was some Magpie ducks. He had seen them in a book he read about ducks and loved the look of the Magpies, as well as the fact that they lay can blue and green eggs. He got his birthday wish, and so began our journey with ducks.

Everyone should own ducks! They are hilarious – always waddling around in a big group, talking to each other, and swimming in any water they come across.

The ducks on our farm add not only pleasure, but play a practical role as well, by eating flies and other insects, as well as eating snails that can carry liver-fluke, which can be a real problem for sheep. The ducks roam throughout the pastures doing their best to clear them of pests.

Aaron continues as the owner and caregiver of the ducks and other fowl and is always looking to expand and try new species.