Rambouillet or "French Merino"

I became intrigued with Rambouillet fibre several years ago when a weaver friend gifted me some combed top. She had purchased some yarn and was fascinated by the way that she could pick it out of her basket without looking because it had such a unique feel to it. The fibre was like nothing I had experienced thus far and it started the idea of trying out the breed.

We don’t like to jump into things too quickly, so true to our nature, we decided to try a couple ewes to see how the breed would do in our climate, and how well they produced both lambs and fibre. In 2017 we bought Marcie and Patty.

In many ways I feel like the Rambouillets are almost the opposite of the BFLs. They have lower, almost floppy ears and carry their heads low down. Where the BFLs have bare bellies and necks, the Rambouillets are woolly right to their hooves and on their faces. The Rambouillets are a range sheep, and as such, spread out during the day, but can be seen curled up close together when they are sleeping, which they do on ranges for safety.

We enjoy their wool, their looks and their babies, and in 2020 we brought in a small group to increase the Rambouillet influence on our farm.

For more information on the breed check out the American Rambouillet Sheep Breeders Association.