The FLock

In 2013 we purchased ten Arcott x Texel ewes from my mom when she sold her sheep. Since then our flock has grown and changed as we work towards our own flock that provides excellent wool, but still produces good quality market lambs. Starting with a small flock and growing slowly has allowed us to be acquainted with each sheep and their personality, and each of our ewes has her own name. 

Sheep are a good fit for our farm, mainly because their size makes them easy for us to handle and spend time with as a family.

The sheep are continually challenging us to learn and improve on the way that we do things. Jason and I have found a shared love in shepherding. We spend hours together on the daily tasks, and have sat up many nights in the barn during lambing, with hot mugs of tea while we wait for a ewe to lamb, or just to make sure that her babies get a good start.

Links to pages of two of our sheep breeds