The HErd

Highland Cattle

We fell in love with Highland cattle on a trip to Scotland in 2006. Their long hair and horns and gentle nature made them attractive to us and we purchased the start of our small herd in the fall of 2008. As the breed originated in Scotland, they are well adapted to rugged landscape and harsh climates doing well on a forage-based system. With their double coat of hair, these cattle can handle our winters often remaining at the hay regardless of the weather. The cattle act as a buffer between the sheep and predators and inhabit pastures that are too close to the wilderness, making them unsafe for the sheep. The cattle and sheep also work well together alternating pastures in our rotational grazing system.

In 2012 we purchased a small herd of Highlands from a neighbour and bought a Charolais cow that was also in the herd. We have been impressed with the cross that is produced between the two breeds. The calves grow well on our forage-based system and produce larger carcasses for customers looking for larger sides of beef.

For more information on the breed check out The Canadian Highland Cattle Society at: