Our flock is shorn once a year by an experienced local shearer, originally from New Zealand, whom we have known for many years, as he has sheared for three generations of our families.

We work together to clean each fleece before it goes to the mill, where the wool is processed in small batches, which allows us to follow the fibre from each animal to its finished product.

As we live with five months of winter, our sheep eat hay, and despite our best efforts to remove it, there may still be a few small flecks in the yarn: a reminder of the natural quality of the product.

We offer a variety of products for sale made with the wool from our sheep. We have roving, locks and yarn in both natural and dyed colours. We use acid dyes to achieve a wide range of bright colours with terrific light and wash fastness, and natural dyes for a palette of colour from the world around us. We also make dryer balls that can be used while doing laundry to replace dryer sheets. The balls help with wrinkles and static, as well as speeding drying time.

From the time that we purchased our sheep I wanted to make socks with our wool. In 2018 Jason gave me an antique sock knitting machine for Christmas and my dream came true! With my Legare 400 I create unique socks with wool from our flock that I have hand-dyed.

We enjoy each of our sheep as an individual, so we add a photo and the name of at least one sheep included in the wool to each item that we sell. We hope each creator will be connected to the story of our wool.